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    PARIS     AT            A      GLANCE


    It sounds so simple… but WOW it’s majestic !!!!  FABULOUS whether we admire it from the Seine or from the Eiffel Tower.. But hey… not so easy to get there… we walked, and walked, and walked…we sailed, and sailed, and sailed… we climbed up the stairs of the tower, and climbed, and climbed…


    FOR SUCH A PANORAMA at a glance …


    In the morning: The Seine River ( remember ”river”= “fleuve”)


    We took a cruise “une croisiere” on the Seine. We looked at all the riverbanks (romantic…), and the majestic buildings and palaces from far. It is really different when you see them from the boat..because you can see them all at once ( but of course, much smaller than in reality).  It was soooooooo COLD  while you were HOT in Beirut!!!!


    In the afternoon: The famous Eiffel Tower


    Finally we arrived to this spiky tower!!… but not to the top… (We can’t wait three hours  in the queue to take the elevator..  for the other elevators are being repaired).. So….we climbed up to the first floor only ( around 350 steps)… But… what a panoramic view..a bird’s eye view!


    Our guide was IMPRESSED and PROUD of our knowledge.. We answered her questions (even the tricky ones) correctly and faaaaaaaast!


    Finally, we got some souvenirs from the boutique of this memorable tower…then walked, and walked, and walked to the underground (“the metro”).. Did you read “walked”?? oh no… in Paris people run… they don’t walk…. such lonnnnnnnnnnng distances…














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    saharalam Profil de saharalam
    Jeudi 21 Juin 2012 à 13:01

    Did you write this Jude?!

    Amazing words, amazing day!

    Hope you are enjoying every minute of everything.

    Lot's of love.


    Nadeem Yaman
    Mercredi 20 Juin 2012 à 08:12

    Paris is a place of glamorous beauty and historical aspects. My precious Queen I hope you felt the beam of perfection in Paris. Take care enjoy your time to the max and don’t forget that we love you and Karim miss you too much.


    Best regard

    Mardi 19 Juin 2012 à 23:04

    Even in English, Paris is dazzling! Keep walking...observing and... writing; it is simply beautifull.

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